Live consultation with Lisa May via Skype & Zoom video!

Live consultation with Lisa May via Skype & Zoom video!

One on One Guidance

Have your plan made for you.

You've watched all of the videos, read all of the books but you are looking for specific information and a customized plan.

Are you wondering where to start or what information to believe online? No worries, Lisa May experienced the same when she left the States 3 years ago. You just need a solid plan to guide you from your life in your home country to your new life in your new country. You'll see your life from a larger perspective as you begin to organize your thoughts, your things and your future movements. Lisa May will show you how to conduct your move with detailed logistics that she, herself, has utilized and introduce you to her personal network of connections to communities around the world!

Micro "How To" Books for Expats

New Expats endure many frustrating moments when trying to accomplish daily tasks, such as, washing clothes, using the metro, getting things fixed, or even obtaining hard to find 1st world products. Lisa May uses these moments as a chance to study these situations and drills down on the secret steps needed to accomplish normal daily tasks in different countries. She does the research upfront so you don't have to!

"I want to help lessen the blow for new expats and achieve a smooth transition abroad." ~Lisa May

The Ultimate travel pass!

If you are in Portugal, then you are a hardcore traveler looking to see it all. Lisbon has a great travel system with a few good payment options to choose from. As a drop in traveler you can buy a day and weekly pass or even top up on a paper travelcard at €6 per day. The best kept travel secret is the sturdy plastic travel card for unlimited rides for a monthly fee of €36. A tourist can mow through that in just 2 weeks! Why doesn't anyone use this card? It's not advertised. It's noted on the Lisbon metro website in Portuguese, which only comes up partially translated when you ask to view the site in English. Lisa May took the initiative to do the research and construct simplistic steps on obtaining this cost effective travel card in one day! This easy to comprehend digital book includes photos of locations and quick videos of Lisa May going through the steps as she passes on her tips for a smooth purchasing experience. 

ON SALE NOW $3.99!

To buy or not to buy a visa? That is the question.

In light of confusion about new information on travel visas, Lisa May has compiled her experience and the experience of colleagues on best practices for smooth border crossing in foreign countries. Lisa May has traveled to 13+ countries with multiple entries. Not every border crossing went smoothly, so she used those moments to study the immigration process at the border in person. Lisa's Visas not only provides guidance for a successful border crossing but also discusses best practices when segregated, questioned and searched or looking at instant deportation.

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Co-lodging in luxury

Does the word "Hostel" just remind you of a bad movie released years ago? Lisa May shares a bright new perspective from her experience with long and short term hostel accommodation. Staying at hostels are nothing new to Europeans and, when looking to fill a week long gap in between house sitting assignments, Lisa followed the lead of German tourists who led her to one of the most beautiful boutique hotels in Santa Marta. This European style hotel, offered cozy hostel beds for $9 per night with all resort amenities included! Hostel Times opens up the secret luxury world of co-lodging where the guests receive hotel amenities combined with home comforts and local insights while leveraging a huge savings to spend on tourist activities! Lisa May shows you how to pick great hostels that treat you well, save your money and educate you on their local community. 

ON SALE JUNE 30TH, 2017 $3.99


Learn to live abroad RENT FREE

Lisa May's journey started with an affordable rental in Belize and then showed her the world of living rent free through HOUSE SITTING beautiful homes located in Paradise! She has used HOUSE SITTING as a way to upgrade her lifestyle, living on Caribbean beaches throughout Central America and even finding herself spending Christmas managing a flat right next to London Bridge. Dream come true? Nope. It's a developing trend in these volatile financial times. Owners have a need for the convenience of a responsible person to supervise the daily needs of their home and pets while away in exchange for a comfortable place to stay for travelers. Boarding pets and home security are just as expensive for an owner as travel costs are for a responsible traveler.

This a win-win for an aspiring expat to immerse themselves into a new community abroad!

 Be a part of Lisa May's Travels.

Be a part of Lisa May's Travels.


Lisa May uses house sitting as she travels interviewing expats around the world. She need a comfortable quiet place to create her eyecatch videos from her laptop in exchange for keeping your home secure and your pets loved.  Reach out here to connect and explore the possibilities of having Lisa May keep your home happy and welcoming you back when you get home!

 Your holiday could be this.

Your holiday could be this.


You can try house sitting for as short as a holiday to as long as a year or more. Sound crazy? It's real, you can totally design an upgraded lifestyle through house sitting. You just need a plan, a profile and a spot of courage to be happy. Lisa May can guide one-on-one you through a quick set up of a house sitting plan and coach you through picking your first sit and developing a good agreement with your owner. 

       Connect with my mentors  Nat & Jodie !



Connect with my mentors Nat & Jodie!

Train and TRAVEL as a pro RENT FREE 

If selling your home or not renewing your lease to travel the world inspires you, house sitting indefinitely is a great option in which to do it! Go on a fun, upscale adventure where life leads the way and learn how to harness your travel through house sitting long term with Lisa May's mentors, Nat & Jodie of House Sitting Academy. Nat & Jodie have been house sitting internationally for 5 years. They broadcast their tips and experience live from areas of paradise all over the world. This academy entails continuous learning of house sitting trends and global travel updates, which is so important during consistent changes occuring in world travel.  



Ready to go?

If you have courage and a few packed bags, you are ready to create a better life for yourself abroad with the relocation information and insight provided in our Free Expat Real Starter Kit. In this series of 3 videos, Lisa May gives you inside information on purchasing your passport, managing all of your household items, making connections abroad and dispelling the negative myths of travel you hear about from those close to you. Lisa has traveled to over 13 countries making it her mission to document the true process of creating a new life in each country.

"I'm the guinea pig of Expat Life doing the research so you don't have to!"

Get the first video of your Expat Real Starter Kit right here to learn the basics of creating your new affordable life abroad. 

Paula Alexandra Santos

Lisbon, Portugal



Paula will take you from immigrant to resident to citizen! She answers your most important questions about living in Portugal regarding housing, visa status, obtaining a bank account, registering your startup as a business and so much more!!!

Fluent in English, Portuguese, and Spanish

Available online and on location.

Receive $25 off your next expat guide service with Paula just for trying us out!

25 minute video/audio call

Complete customized plan to leave your home country and live abroad covering housing, immigration, and income.