8 steps to a lucrative business you'll love to do every day.

8 steps to a lucrative business you'll love to do every day.

 Get free tips and information straight from this workshop!

Get free tips and information straight from this workshop!

Create anonline business with an idea you love!


This action-packed 8 week course inspires you to create a business out of your daily passion or what you dream of doing. The course then progresses to creating an online presence. You'll create a website and promote your business with social media and other media outlets. We wrap things up with the key popular techniques of making money with your business. You can literally have a productive business at the end of this course.

"This class was a game changer for me supporting my new life living abroad. That's why it was a no brainer to accept London Real's offer to become an instructor." 

~Lisa May

golden nuggets ARE in this free online  business group!

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It starts at 7PM BST (London time), 11AM PST, 2PM EST

Check out this free workshop group where you can glean some great tips and tricks to get your business started. This group will help point you in the right direction as you navigate your own journey abroad and develop your business idea. There is a community of over 1000 members there to help you along the way! 


mAKE creative cash with airbnb without a home!

I know, when you think of Airbnb you think homeownership and hospitality labor. Well Airbnb has expanded its community services for co-hosting. We'll show you how to Airbnb your home using another host to carry out your hospitality duties or manage in the reverse. Take over the administrative duties for a home located on the other side of the world. The key is making connections with like-minded co-hosts and owners. This course will walk you through Airbnb's traditional tools and then show you how to work those tools in a flexible ways to create income within your lifestyle choices.    


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Want to know how to live abroad?

EXPAT BASICS will help you make the best decisions on where to live (even if it’s only temporary), how to get there, what to do with all your stuff and how to find new friends in your new home.

With this course, you will find your sense of direction, as we teach you unique on and offline research techniques for finding out what you need to know about living abroad before you leave home.

Choose How You Learn:

The EXPAT BASICS Self Guide is a 4 Module video tutorial where you can learn these techniques at your own pace. 

The EXPAT BASICS Deluxe Mentored 4 Week Course where you become a member of our private supportive Facebook community sharing ideas and developing a global network as you learn the ropes!

  • You receive a 1:1 live call with Lisa May to organize your dreams into a plan to move abroad.
  • Lisa May will answer any questions posted in this group.
  • You have lifetime access to these materials and this Facebook group.


FlyawayU Maxi Course Become member a member of FlyawayU, the onstop website for endless up to date resources for expats and you get the Self Guided videos for free

  • Lifetime access to current information from top experts about Moving abroad (Lisa May!), Working abroad, House Sitting and Freelancing. 
  • Live bi-weekly Q&A's with Expat Experts
  • Global travel updates and so much more!

These lifetime $149 memberships are limited and will be replaced for an annual price of $297! 

You'll find that at the start of every expat community, it's better to get in there early because you reap more of the benefits! 

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