What is the Expat Incubator?

The Expat Incubator is a RETREAT that fosters an upgraded lifestyle for people who live on a budget. the incubator gives people the freedom to explore living abroad with guidance and support from the incubator team enhancing personal growth and physical health.


EXPAT Incubator is a curated living abroad experience being Held this year in the vineyards of Portugal. guided fitness instructors, meditation practitioners and personal development speakers will help you sharpen your soul, body and MIND, sharing your experience LIVING abroad with SUPPORTIVE explorers LIKE YOU!  


connect with a built in expat community, engage in local life, and make enduring personal relationships that will last you a lifetime.  


Start with the Expat Incubator RETREAT, and change the way your world works from navigating the rat race to IMMERSING into a NURTURING lifestyle.


We'd like to know a bit about you to see if this program might be a good match for what you looking for in life abroad guidence.  

Click on the button below to fill our 5 line questionnaire and we will contact you within 24 hours about next steps. 



Fill out our questionnaire.

  • You will receive an email confirming we've received your questionnaire;
  • Reply via email to confirm your contact information;
  • Confirm that you are a working professional with the ability to take your job abroad. 

Step 2

We will review the questionnaire and those who are good fits for the program will be invited to complete the main application. 

  • Complete the application (5-10 minutes);
  • 100% of those who complete the application will be contacted for a 20 minute video call.

Step 3

We will review your application and then... 

  • Contact you to schedule an interview(s);
  • Make a determination on viability and proper fit;
  • If it's a good fit for both sides, we will send you a letter of commitment requesting your e-signature and initial deposit.  

Step 4

After receiving your deposit, we will: 

  • Add you to the group
  • Connect with you about you living preferences
  • Begin connecting with your fellow travelers via social media.
  • Get ready for the experience of a lifetime!

A Journey Into Mindfulness

We use the benefits of mindfulness routines based in meditation, affirmation and gratitude to unplug from our lives before boarding the plane and reset to our lives in the present moment. Mindfulness is the foundation of this program where it provides you the resources to broaden your mind about different cultures and values. The purpose of this layer is to start your new life choosing the values that resonate with you and not what has been imposed upon you by society. We encourage a lifelong dialog with your inner voice/compass which guides you successfully through questionable times in your life. Daily engagement in these mindfulness routines will develop and strengthen your relationship with your inner voice/compass giving you the fearlessness needed to explore new areas of the world, yourself and your life.

Achieving Physical Health

As we get older our body changes as we still try to use it in the same way. When parts of our bodies don't work the same anymore and give us pain, we are told that we are getting old and that we should accept that pain or loss of that aspect of our body. We use this as a limitation in pursuing our purpose and being happy.

Deepak Chopra, popular doctor, accomplished scientist and spiritual advisor, has written many books on studies that proved that the body heals itself. This concept is a 3rd option for healthcare that we are not taught growing up. In this layer we cover the process of researching how your body works. You learn to study your own biology and find cures through nutrition, physical movement and reframing thoughts about your body. In addition we will explore the area for western and traditional medicine locations. With this self education you can confidently achieve physical health as you get older. 

Exploring New Communities

Managing mindfulness and mobility in the first 2 tracks offers an openness in this layer to fearlessly explore a new area and connect with a unique culture. We show you the ropes of getting acquainted with expats and locals alike to plug in and immerse into a new way of thinking. Using a daily dose of grace and patience, we scout out the area to find supply outlets for our personal needs and household management. We find like-minded groups for social interaction and life engaging activities. 

We offer flexible payment plans to fit your budget.

  • Option 1 - Full Payment of $2,200.00 (11% Discount). 

  • Option 2 -  Down Payment of $1,500 with 2 subsequent monthly payments of $600. $2700.00 total.

All participants need an income stream or a job where they can work flexible hours remotely. 

We provide comfortable co-living accommodations so that you don't have to stress about finding a place to rest your head. Each expat will have their own private room. Household services include breakfast, dinner, fresh linens every week, all utilities and internet. Guided yoga, fitness, and meditation classes will be provided on a weekly basis. We have comfortable co-working accommodations. This includes 24/7 access to reliable wifi to ensure that you're always connected and have the tools you need to be effective online. All program related materials, speaker series, activities, one on one coaching, expat guidance and selected social events are included.

Program Cost

Vineyard Retreats - Portugal

Expat Real's Vineyard Retreats in Portugal expose guests to a romantic traditional lifestyle with traditional family style culture, hearty  local organic cuisine, and a good look at what it's like to live in Portugal.

In Portugal, the family is the foundation of the social structure and will always make you feel at home.



The farm

Enjoy a lovely home cooked meals with fresh farm ingredients grown right on the property.  Change the start of your week and unplug with a day of authentic wine and cuisine in an intimate brunch hosted by boutique vineyard, Adega da Arriça in the Quinta area of Setubal.


The food

The lush gardens of Quinta da Arriça ignite the senses of each guest as they eat an authentic Portuguese country brunch, sip organic wine selected by Italy’s International Mayor’s Wine Competition, and take a dip in the fresh water pool.


the family

Hear from the family owners about their loyalty to each other, the love for their vineyard, and providing a warm hospitality for their clients