Micro "How To" Books for Expats

New Expats endure many frustrating moments when trying to accomplish daily tasks, such as, washing clothes, using the metro, getting things fixed, or even obtaining hard to find 1st world products. Lisa May uses these moments as a chance to study these situations and drills down on the secret steps needed to accomplish normal daily tasks in different countries. She does the research upfront so you don't have to!

"I want to help lessen the blow for new expats and achieve a smooth transition abroad." ~Lisa May

The Ultimate travel pass!

If you are in Portugal, then you are a hardcore traveler looking to see it all. Lisbon has a great travel system with a few good payment options to choose from. As a drop in traveler you can buy a day and weekly pass or even top up on a paper travelcard at €6 per day. The best kept travel secret is the sturdy plastic travel card for unlimited rides for a monthly fee of €36. A tourist can mow through that in just 2 weeks! Why doesn't anyone use this card? It's not advertised. It's noted on the Lisbon metro website in Portuguese, which only comes up partially translated when you ask to view the site in English. Lisa May took the initiative to do the research and construct simplistic steps on obtaining this cost effective travel card in one day! This easy to comprehend digital book includes photos of locations and quick videos of Lisa May going through the steps as she passes on her tips for a smooth purchasing experience. 

ON SALE MAY 15TH $3.99!

To buy or not to buy a visa? That is the question.

In light of confusion about new information on travel visas, Lisa May has compiled her experience and the experience of colleagues on best practices for smooth border crossing in foreign countries. Lisa May has traveled to 13+ countries with multiple entries. Not every border crossing went smoothly, so she used those moments to study the immigration process at the border in person. Lisa's Visas not only provides guidance for a successful border crossing but also discusses best practices when segregated, questioned and searched or looking at instant deportation.

ON SALE MAY 26TH, 2017 $3.99

Co-lodging in luxury

Does the word "Hostel" just remind you of a bad movie released years ago? Lisa May shares a bright new perspective from her experience with long and short term hostel accommodation. Staying at hostels are nothing new to Europeans and, when looking to fill a week long gap in between house sitting assignments, Lisa followed the lead of German tourists who led her to one of the most beautiful boutique hotels in Santa Marta. This European style hotel, offered cozy hostel beds for $9 per night with all resort amenities included! Hostel Times opens up the secret luxury world of co-lodging where the guests receive hotel amenities combined with home comforts and local insights while leveraging a huge savings to spend on tourist activities! Lisa May shows you how to pick great hostels that treat you well, save your money and educate you on their local community. 

ON SALE JUNE 6TH, 2017 $3.99