Planning Services

"I had no plan, I just got on the plane and left." ~Lisa May

Although it may be time for a change, not everyone is built to wander the world serendipitously. Coming up with a structured plan and itinerary is a great way to bridge the gap. Expat Real Planning Services gives you the chance to consult Lisa May who has "been there and done that." She will help you flesh out your ideas of living abroad and sketch out a customized transistion plan.

Need a Getaway Plan? Get one here.

Need a Getaway Plan? Get one here.

Getaway Plan 

A Getaway Plan is a quick and simple way to organize your thoughts about what you want for your new life abroad. Depending on the country or environment you’d like to live in, Lisa May will refer to her expat experience and live network and create a customized transition plan to get you settled in a new place. After you fill out your lifestyle survey, a customized check off list will be compiled of what you need to do and the documents that you need to obtain to ensure a smooth transition abroad. Based on the questions answered in your survey, your Getaway Plan will include 2 locations that would best suit your lifestyle, documents needed to reside there and the step by step process to transition from your old lifestyle to your new lifestyle.

Explored Areas: $70

Unexplored Areas: $140


Organize your dream life into your lifestyle.


This is where you get to flesh out your random thoughts, dreams, questions and fears about living abroad. If Lisa May hasn’t lived in a country, she has researched many countries in her plan to travel the world. You can ask her suggestions on what to do about maintaining income to support your life abroad, how to manage your life in another culture, dispelling media myths about another country, options when moving, shipping and storing your things, finding the same activities of your home country in your new country, where and how to find friends, where and how to find your favorite foods, finding a home to rent or buy, appliances and any other thoughts that come to mind in regards to creating your new dream lifestyle abroad. Live consulting is easily conducted via Zoom, Skype or Hangouts free software platforms.

45 min Live Consult: $40

+ video recording of consult: $55

+ video recording, links discussed and PDF discussion summary: $70


Original marketing content

Since the creation of the MTV channel, music sales have skyrocketed beyond audio entertainment. Even now Youtube music viewing has far surpassed the sales of iTunes downloads.

Videos and images are a great way to broadcast your message, document your travels or promote your skills. Lisa May has been marketing her message about achieving a high quality of life by living abroad via original videos that she produced and edited herself using her own images and graphic artwork. Adding music, visual scene transitions and colors that pop will make a substantial impact on your viewers. Market your message or your skills via video with the creative skills of Lisa May.

Up to 2 min of customized video creation $125

Up to 40 seconds of customized video creation $70